JOBS THAT SUPPORT FAMILIES  Currently, New Mexico pays to bring in good-paying jobs. With great schools and safe neighborhoods, good-paying jobs will come on their own.

SAFE COMMUNITIES  Violence is out of control in New Mexico. We need federal prosecution of violent criminals and criminal gangs.

EDUCATION  Our schools are failing our youngest generation. I support our teachers and greater local control of our schools.

IMMIGRATION  Our immigration policy is broken. So is our border. We need to secure our southern border and allow immigration based only on merit.

ENERGY  Thanks to Southeast New Mexico, America is energy independent, and New Mexico is financially sound. We need an energy policy that makes both financial and environmental sense for New Mexico.

NATIONAL SECURITY  We need a well-funded military to defend our country. My support for the men and women who serve in uniform starts with Congress approving any overseas military missions.












SANCTITY OF LIFE  I am pro-life and pro-family. I stand with New Mexico’s families in their fight to protect the unborn.

2ND AMENDMENT  I support the Second Amendment and I stand with New Mexico’s Sheriffs in their fight to protect our right to bear arms.

HEALTHCARE  Before Obamacare, our healthcare system was the envy of the world. All American citizens deserve quality, affordable healthcare without government mandates.

OUR VETERANS  America owes a debt of gratitude to men and women who have served our country. We will meet our obligations to those who served in the military.