As stated by The Washington Times this week, “the governor’s staff is working closely with national climate groups seeking to phase-out natural gas in power plants, transportation, even homes, according to emails obtained by the free-market Energy Policy Advocates.”

The Governor’s broad policy agenda is to be pro-renewables by being anti-oil and gas.

The oil and gas industry fuels New Mexico’s economy, and almost entirely feeds our two largest investment funds:

  • New Mexico’s Land Grant Permanent Fund annually provides more than $500 million towards our public schools, universities and other beneficiaries.
  • The Severance Tax Permanent Fund is expected to contribute about $225 million next year to the state’s general fund.

And those totals don’t include the 30 percent of our state’s operating revenue generated by oil and gas.

According to the NM State Investment Council, “Without the distributions produced by these funds every year, New Mexicans would face much higher taxes, a significant reduction in government services, or both.” 

Having failed during the last legislative session to bleed our state’s financial security by depleting its permanent fund, Gov. Lujan Grisham now seeks to kill the industry that builds the fund. Her vision, supported by her cousin Ben Ray Lujan, promotes renewable energy by attacking the stable and profitable oil and gas economy of New Mexico.

The Governor’s detachment from energy reality is exemplified by her proposal for vehicle mileage standards that far exceed the Obama Administration’s, under the arrogant and delusional assumption that auto makers would produce vehicles specifically for New Mexico’s tiny share of the new vehicle market.

Her hypocrisy of committing recurring expenditures to programs such as free college tuition – while literally killing the goose that laid the golden egg – astounds me. New Mexico is an energy producing state. Along with national defense investments in our bases and labs, and our rich agriculture, the energy industry pays our bills.

As your next U.S. Senator, I will expand New Mexico’s prospects growth and development – but never at the expense of the economic lifelines that bless our state and its citizens.